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Integrated Macrophage Biology Group A group bringing together researchers studying macrophage biology in order to derive a consensus for standardising experiments
Macrophages A resource for distribution of information about macrophage and osteoclast biology
BioLayout Express 3D An application designed for the visualization, clustering and analysis of large network graphs in two and three dimensional space derived primarily, but not exclusively, from biological systems
InnateImmunity-SystemsBiology A collaboration to assemble a compendium, or parts list, of the innate immune system with an initial focus on the response of macrophages to Toll-like Receptor (TLR) agonists
Siamon Gordon Group Website Information on macrophage biology
The European Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Society (EMDS) Society to promote out-standing, innovative studies in the field of macrophage and dendritic cell biology with respect to both basic and clinical research
GNF SymAtlas A web-application for published experimental gene functionalization datasets integrated with a searchable gene-centric database of public and proprietary annotations
Molecular Interaction Map of Macrophage A large scale molecular interaction map of the macrophage
Database Maintained by Division of Pathway Medicine Macrophage Expression Atlas Help